Misery Loves Company – Pleasure & Panic

by nulliparaora on December 11, 2013

Greetings! It’s been awhile since we last checked in. How about we pick up where we left off?

New to the Misery series? Let’s get you all caught up.

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Yuri stepped into Nulli’s house with a small plastic bag in his hands. He’d purchased several kinds of latex-free condoms, including a box of Naturalamb ones. He hoped Nulli wouldn’t object to the “lamb” part.

He was about to move into the kitchen when he realized neither Misery’s nor Nulli’s heartbeats were there anymore. He could hear the woman in their trio’s soft moans above him, faint but identifiable as ones of pleasure.

Damn it! Had they started without him—and probably just as importantly—without the condoms?

He ran up the stairs and down the hall, toward Nulli’s bedroom. He entered the open doorway to see her lying on her back on the foot of the bed with her breasts bare and her ripped tank top on the floor. She was facing Yuri, and Misery was hunched over her with his head between her legs.

He gawked at her for a few seconds, seemingly unable to move as he took in her teardrop-shaped breasts and their beautiful dark nipples. Her smooth-looking brown skin gleamed in the overhead lights as she pulled in rapid, shallow breaths.

He dropped the plastic bag. “I got the condoms,” he said hoarsely.

Misery turned. His mouth glistened with what Yuri assumed were Nulli’s juices and his eyes were a bright, solid black. He was wearing the trousers he had on earlier in the hour, but the front of the garment was stretched to capacity. He had to be close to tearing them off.

“Thank God.” His voice sounded rough, almost distorted. He gestured at the bag and straightened, hissing out his breath because of what Yuri was sure was a chafed erection. “Give them to me.”

Yuri grabbed the bag but didn’t hand the contents over. He’d taken Misery’s words as an indication his friend wanted to penetrate Nulli first, and he didn’t like the idea. After all, the other male had already gotten a taste of her body while he hadn’t.

Nulli sat up on the bed. Her full breasts bounced slightly as she eased herself into a sitting position and Yuri’s cock was instantly erect. She looked better naked than he’d ever imagined. He remembered the condoms and pulled a box out of the bag, tearing the container open without finesse. He approached the bed with two condoms in his hands.

“Come here, Yuri.” Nulli beckoned to him, curving and straightening  her index finger. He moved toward her, more than willing to be closer to the temptress smiling up at him with her luscious mouth. “Stand up, Misery.”

Yuri saw his friend stand out of the corners of his eyes. Normally, he’d watch his movements, but not now. The sight of Nulli, her scent, the heaviness in her voice called to him like nothing before.

Nulli moved her gaze between them and folded her arms under her breasts. “Why am I the only one naked?”

“Good question.” Yuri set the condoms on the bed in front of Nulli, removed his shoes and stripped off his shirt, tossing it on the floor. He met her eyes as he unbuckled his pants and let them drop to the floor once unzipped and loosened. His cock bobbed free and stiff above his now bare thighs. He hadn’t been wearing underwear.

Nulli didn’t speak. She stared at him, her gaze roaming over his form with slow intensity. She seemed to peer into him, probing him with her scrutiny, and inflaming him with what he hoped was a grin of approval.

Misery was naked within an even shorter timeframe than Yuri, his large cock slightly reddened around and below its mushroom-shaped head. It occurred to him that he’d never seen his friend naked before, but the sight didn’t make him uneasy. Truth be told, he was too aroused by Nulli to care.

When Nulli’s attention  turned to Misery, Yuri stiffened.  She looked Misery over just as she’d done him, but the loss of her attention left him feeling slightly isolated.

Nulli uncrossed her arms and placed her palms on the mattress in front of her. “Better.” She tilted her head to the side and licked her lips. “Turn around.  I want to see your wings.”

“Mine too?” Yuri asked. He didn’t want to turn away from her.

She nodded.

He grew his wings and moved so his back was toward her and he faced the doorway. It had been a while since she’d seen his wings. He hoped she would touch them now even if having her hands on his feathers would do little to extinguish the animal lust rapidly taking over his body

Except she didn’t touch his feathers. Her delicate fingers moved down his wing bone, leaving arcs of heat in their wake. He clenched his teeth and his fists when she tightened her hand around the base where the wing joined his upper back. The sensation made him growl and start to turn. She stopped him by grabbing his ass with both hands. Something hot and wet closed over the part of his wing she’d grasped just seconds ago.

Yuri snarled and dug his fingers into his thighs when he realized she had her mouth on his wing. He almost got off as her teeth sank as deep as they would go and a hard but not entirely unpleasant pain shot through the place where she’d bit him. He wanted to face Nulli and pin the little minx to the bed with the intention of nipping her back, but stopped himself. He was enjoying her explorations too much to interrupt them.

Nulli withdrew her mouth and ran her fingers down the full span of one of his wings. She lovingly traced where its tip hung level with his calves and Yuri swore something short-circuited in his brain as the nerve endings beneath his feathers sent bolts of ticklish pleasure throughout the rest of him. He leaned forward, away from her teasing hands. He didn’t know how much more of this he could take. “If you keep doing that we won’t get to using a condom.”

She gave his feathers a tug before letting go. Her heated breaths teased the skin over his spine as she made her way up his back, draping her arms over his shoulders and teasing one of his nipples. “Hmm. They’re really sensitive.”

She didn’t know the half of it. He stepped away from where she sat on the bed and turned in time to see Misery move close to her. His thick black wings hid much of his back.

Misery gripped one of Nulli’s arms and leaned down to kiss her deeply. Then he lifted his wings and curled them forward around his sides and arms, bringing them into her reach without turning away from her. He guided her hand to one of them and she petted his ebony feathers while Yuri looked on.

Her full lips spread into a smile as she smoothed her fingers over his feathers. “I haven’t forgotten you.” A quick tug of her hand and Misery hissed out a breath.

Yuri’s own muscles tensed as he looked on. She affected him without even touching him. He watched her slow movements, Misery’s unguarded reactions to her, and the confidence she showed while turning his friend into a growling mess of a demon.

He ached to take her into his arms and sink his cock deep inside her. How long would he even last in this state?

“Yuri.” Nulli’s sultry voice slithered into his mind and made his heart swell. She motioned for him to come closer, and when he did, she curled her fingers around his shaft near the base and began a firm, slow pumping motion while toying with Misery’s wings with the opposite hand.

Yuri’s world turned white with pleasure and he shut his eyes, willing himself not to ejaculate as he thrust into the tight circle of her hand. As good as her fingers felt, he wanted to be in her when he came, not wrapped in her fist. With effort, he withdrew from her grip and grabbed one of the condoms he’d placed on the edge of the bed, gasping. He met Nulli’s eyes. “I need to be in you.” He sounded like he’d smoked a whole pack of cigarettes straight. He barely noticed.

Misery gripped Yuri’s arm before he could roll the condom on. “As do I.”

Shit. Well, Yuri wasn’t about to defer to his friend unless Nulli requested it. He pulled away from the other male and looked at her. Not much was getting to his brain at the moment, but he had enough self-control not to jump her. “Choose.”

Nulli sat on her heels and stared back and forth between them. Her silence was maddening. Each passing second only added to his increasing need to pull her knees apart and thrust deep into her warmth. “Nulli…”

“I don’t want to choose.” She lifted her hips until she rested on her knees. “We’re going to do this together this time.” She curled her index fingers, beckoning them both closer as a darkness crept into her eyes. “Now you two figure out who’s going to be on the bottom.”

The bottom? He assumed that meant she’d ride one of them while the other looked on or joined in but didn’t penetrate her.

Fuck. He didn’t want to seem selfish, but he didn’t want to get in a fight with Misery either. He pushed his friend’s hand off his arm and faced him. “You get the bottom. I’ll go second.”


Misery was surprised Yuri had conceded so easily, but didn’t have enough thought left in him to do anything but accept the terms he’d been given. He climbed on the bed and took Nulli in his arms, almost shaking with the need to take her. Only the knowledge she wanted to retain some semblance of control in this situation kept him from pushing her flat on the mattress and sliding home. She deserved her control.

He started to wrap his wings around her but stopped when she pushed at his chest. She nuzzled his nipple and bit a patch of flesh near it. “Lay down,” she whispered around the skin in her mouth.

Misery retracted his wings to eliminate the potentially painful outcome of having their combined body weight crushing his wingspan between the mattress and his spine, and leaned backward until his shoulders met the bed. He pulled her down on top of him and ran his fingers across her soft, wet opening while looking up at her. He withdrew them when she rose into a kneeling position above his hips. He heard her breath hitch and knew his was doing the same.

Nulli rubbed her wet folds across the head of his cock, sliding herself over his engorged tip without pressing down. Her dark eyes fluttered shut and she begun to rock back and forth, never taking more than his glans in her. Misery gritted his teeth as her movements threatened to push him over the edge of sanity and gripped her hips, intent on driving himself into her. She was even more voracious than he’d expected, as well as more beautiful, and he had no other desire except to take her and give her pleasure. She stopped him by pulling away and sinking back down on her knees before his shaft.

“Not so fast.” She grazed the underside of his cock with the backs of her fingers before crawling back over him. Her face hovered over his before she descended and sucked on his bottom lip. She held it between her teeth and spoke around his throbbing skin. “Yuri’s watching. Do you think he’ll touch himself?”

Yuri growled something that sounded very much like, “I’d rather you touched me,” before Misery lost track of the conversation completely. Nulli circled her hips over his cock before sinking down ever so slowly, a low moan rumbling from her throat, sending vibrations through his tongue.

She threw her head back and cried out as she took him a quarter, a third, and then a half of the way inside her. For a few stunned seconds he thought he’d hurt her, but she proved otherwise by bearing down and squeezing him with her innermost muscles. He made a low guttural sound and grabbed Nulli by the waist as she added a sweet yet almost painful pressure to the sensations flooding his body; the woman had better pelvic flooring then he’d ever anticipated.

Misery thrust the rest of the way inside her, using his upper body strength to hold her in place until she was fully impaled on his cock. Her sudden delighted scream made him roar in triumph. She was finally, finally his. Only after he stopped roaring did he become aware of Yuri again. His friend had mounted the bed and was crawling toward them.

Yuri knelt and leaned over Nulli from the side, his long hair falling over hers as he kissed a path down her throat and slid one hand toward her mound. She arched her back when he plunged his fingers through the curls between her legs and rubbed her there, and Misery thrust into her slightly faster at the sight of the other male fingering her while she rode him. The three of them were so comfortable with each other now, it excited something primal in him while also evoking an emotion which felt wonderfully, beautifully right. He could picture he and Yuri making love to Nulli for hours–and planned to. He wanted to see her come.

Nulli lifted her hips and dropped them, sliding herself up and down the thickest part of Misery’s cock as Yuri stopped playing with her clit to knead her breasts with both hands and rub his cock against her side.

“Take me harder,” she said huskily. This wasn’t a suggestion.

“No.” He couldn’t take her harder. It would be all too easy to fling her off him, or worse, slam into her too deeply. He was too large and strong. “I want to,” he said between breaths, “but I could hurt you.”

Yuri kissed a path down Nulli’s throat from her ear, still grinding himself against her side while stroking her breasts in full view of Misery. “He has a point.”

“I want more.” Her inner muscles clenched Misery tighter as she breathed deep. “Yuri, give me more.”

Yuri tightened his arms around her, pinching her erect nipples while sucking on her neck. His voice came out muffled by her skin. “What do you want me to do, sweetheart?”

Another long moan eased out of her. She pressed her breasts into Yuri’s hands and increased her pace as she rode Misery’s cock. Her friction, the long curves of her body, the tension in her muscles, it was all Misery could do to hold back.

“I just–” Another keening cry. “I need you too, Yuri.”

Yuri stopped grinding himself against her and took hold of her waist. “Then I’ll give you what you want.” He hauled her off Misery’s cock.

Misery snarled in protest but didn’t try to pull her back out of fear of hurting Nulli. He shifted onto his side in time to see Yuri wrap his wings around her and follow her down onto the bed.

Suddenly, Yuri yelled and retracted his wings into his back. Then he started to laugh while settling himself between Nulli’s spread thighs. “You bit me.”

Nulli gave a playful wink before wrapping her legs around Yuri’s waist. “You liked it.”

“I know what I’d like more,” he said in a low voice, and guided his thick cock into the ruby red opening below her neatly trimmed curls. A harsh growl tore from his mouth, and he thrust into her hard enough to shake the whole bed. “God, I love you.”

Nulli screamed and clung to him like a starfish, urging him on by raking her nails down his back. He repeated the motion a few times before withdrawing and flipping her over on her side so she was facing Misery. Then Yuri embraced her from behind, raising her uppermost leg and dragging his reddened cock across the juncture of her thighs. The males met eyes over Nulli’s shoulder, and Misery sensed what his friend was planning before the other male spoke.

“Let’s take her together,” Yuri whispered.

Misery wrapped his arms around Nulli and moved chest to chest with her, sandwiching her between him and Yuri. Her flesh was as hot as it was damp and smooth, and the sensation of her body meeting his made him suck in his breath. His cock briefly bumped the other male’s before finding her slit and pushing in. He was deep inside her with a single shove of his hips.

A firm, sliding pressure along the side of his shaft ensured he knew the exact instant Yuri thrust into her from behind. When it was done, Nulli’s inner muscles were compressed around his cock so tightly Misery saw shadows dance in front of his eyes. She bit her lip and buried her face against his chest as the two males began to pump in and out of her. “Please–don’t stop.”

Yuri chuckled, the sound vibrating through Nulli and into Misery. “I wasn’t planning to, sweetheart.” He increased his pace inside her ass and groaned, the heavy weight of his penis stretching her tight on the other side of the membrane separating him and Misery as Yuri filled her with every jerk of his hips. “Fuck, that feels good. So fucking good.”

Misery could agree with that. The pressure on his cock doubled the friction he generated from thrusting in her pussy, and he couldn’t imagine anything more erotic than having Nulli huddled against him like she was now, pinned between him and Yuri and making low noises in her throat.

Nulli kept up the pressure, and added a small movement of her hips to counter their thrusts. “Yes. Never–stop.”

Yuri growled in her ear and bit at the lobe. “Don’t worry. We won’t.”

Misery hugged Nulli tighter as his impending orgasm built in his balls, warning him he would ejaculate sooner than later. The heightened friction created by being in her while Yuri also took her apparently had unexpected consequences—not that he was complaining. He slowed his thrusts to let the tension in his lower body ebb before upping the force and frequency of his movements again. He wanted to draw out her pleasure as long as possible.

Nulli bit his shoulder and mumbled, “Harder,” as a stinging pain spread from where her mouth had been. She sucked on the sore spot while Misery obeyed her, hiking her leg over his hip and driving his cock into her waiting pussy as far as he could go.

She yelled, the sound turning into an exclamation of pleasure when she ground her hips against Misery’s a heartbeat later. “Oh, God!” She pulled back from him, gasping, and reached behind her to stroke Yuri’s flank from his hip to his thigh. “So good.” She gripped Misery’s arm with her opposite hand, holding tight. “So close.”

“Good. I want you to come.” He kept his cock balls-deep inside her for a few seconds the next time he thrust into her and felt her clamp down.

Nulli moaned again, more urgently than before, and arched her back between him and Yuri. “I’m– I’m–” Her hips jerked so hard she shook the bed and she came, her pussy spasming all around him.

A burst of savage satisfaction swept through Misery as he watched her tilt her head back and shut her eyes, and then his own orgasm shot through him and his cum spurted into the reservoir of his condom. He took pride in knowing he’d played his part in making his—and Yuri’s—woman come.

Yuri shouted something incoherent and brought his hips against Nulli a final time before ejaculating. Misery felt his friend’s orgasm as a somewhat jerky movement of the other male’s cock through the thin wall of flesh between their shafts.

Neither male softened for several moments after coming, which was common enough for demons, and didn’t pull out of her until she told them to. Misery released his hold on Nulli as he eased his still-mostly hardened cock out of her, to give her more room to wiggle away if she wished.

She nuzzled his throat and turned to do the same to Yuri before shifting onto her back, panting until her breathing slowed. “That was–wow!” She propped up her upper body on bent elbows and looked down the length of their bodies. An easy smile spread her lips before a small frown took over. She sat up, reached out and picked up a condom wrapper. A look of horror washed over her face, and she looked back and forth between them. “Lambskin condoms?”

“Is something wrong?” It was hard for Misery to wade through the haze of contentment surrounding him, but the alarm on Nulli’s face and in her voice pulled him through.

“Is this a vegetarian thing?” Yuri stroked her arm and frowned. “I’m sorry. I was hoping it wouldn’t be a problem.”

Nulli shook her head. “No. You don’t understand. Lambskin doesn’t work. These condoms are mostly for pleasure, not for preventing pregnancy.” She lowered a hand to her belly and closed her eyes. “Holy. Shit. Now your uncle really is going to kill me.”

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Michelle/Ndayeni December 11, 2013 at 12:38 am

I swear I saw smoke coming from my screen as I was reading… ;)

So very worth the wait you two. Hope the oopsie doesn’t have consequences though.


nulliparaora December 11, 2013 at 9:31 am

Thanks Michelle! As for the consequences, I don’t want to deal with that uncle of his again.


mokkelke December 11, 2013 at 1:37 am

poor yuri, he so thought he was doing good with the lambskin, see how that plays out now hihi



nulliparaora December 11, 2013 at 9:32 am

I think he’ll Google these kinds of things in the future. Hahahaha.


Jane December 11, 2013 at 11:44 am

O_O *fans self*


nulliparaora December 11, 2013 at 11:47 am

*fans Jane*


Heather December 11, 2013 at 12:12 pm

Wowza!! Now that was HOT with a side of SEXY! Nicely done you two (or you three I guess) ;-)

I even learned something. Lambskin huh? Seriously? Who knew….


nulliparaora December 11, 2013 at 12:17 pm

*raises hand* I knew, I knew! I’m glad you enjoyed the post, Heather. :D


Tee December 11, 2013 at 8:46 pm

Ooooooh, that was so off the sexy meter! I need a big fan to cool off. :-)


nulliparaora December 12, 2013 at 12:18 am

*Plugs in a fan for Tee* ;)


Tatiana Caldwell December 13, 2013 at 6:04 pm

Wings, biting and double penetration. So hot! Hopefully Misery didn’t knock up poor Nulli already. The honeymoon’s just starting!


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